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You may have noticed a few changes on the Creative House Blog. Since I started this blog over a year ago there are some new things I have found I enjoying blogging about such as books and blogging tips and one thing that I am going to start blogging about such as photography. So it was time for a makeover. To get started I have updated some links and changed up my logo a bit  Here is a list of 10 things I plan to start doing for my blog and you should consider doing them too.

1. Schedule my post!!! Which means I have to write them in advance. This has been a goal of my for a while and I just need to get on it! Being a stay at home mom I never really know what my day will look like. I often plan to write and promote post when Ali is sleeping, but I find my self either being stuck with a topic and get really get out what I want to say in such a limited amount of time or my day get off schedule with a sick baby or any of the numerous reasons a stay at home mom’s day can get off track.

2. Blog about what I enjoy and know. For the most part I have been doing this, I started this blog to share my craft and DIY tutorials and discovered other things I enjoying blogging about along the way. One topic that I left out however was photography! I don’t know why I have not been sharing photography tips… I mean Hello!! I am a photographer.

3. Take better Photos for my blog. I know I just said I was a photographer but I still have a bad habit of rushing through tutorial photos. I need to slow down and take a little more time setting up my photos. I also want to create and organize my own stock photos (not that there is anything wrong with using some of the great photo resources like Pixabay).

4. Use Stumbleupon: I use to utilize stumleupon but I have gotten out of the habit of it. I am going to add it back into my social media marketing.

5. Create a marketing plan. I market my post a lot and I do put though into it but I want to take time to really create a strategy. I often just push my latest post but I want to go deeper than.

6. Distribute Blog Post. Another habit I have gotten out of. I am going to start submitting my post to places like craftgawker, and dwellinggawker. I plan to start this up again as well as look for other places to distribute my post.

7. Schedule social media post. Since I will be scheduling post I can schedule more social media post. I will post a tutorial of how I get links for my scheduled post soon.

8. Rewrite my About page. Since my blog is undergoing some updates I need to work on my about page. About pages can sometimes be forgotten about, does your about page need updating? A great about page con really connect your readers to you and make them want to keep coming back.

9. Provide Sponsor Opportunities. I am woking on setting up sponsor opportunities with adproval. I have the page started so I could test it out and now I need to implement the packages I want to offer. Adproval is very easy to use with WordPress.

10. Start a Newsletter. I am very excited that my first newsletter will be going out soon. This is way to keep readers up to date on anything they miss, share products you like and promote your blog. I would love if your would sign up for my newsletter over there on the right sidebar.


Be Sure to stay tuned as I post more about how I accomplish each habit! Have you started any new blog habits to drive traffic, share below.

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