Blogger Tips: 10 Things in My Blogging Toolkit


Blogger Tips

1. WordPress (self-hosted): I think there are many benefits from having a self-hosted blog such as, freedom in design, monetizing, own domain and tons of great plugins. WordPress is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it and there are tons of WordPress help online. I am lucky to have an in house WordPress Trainer, aka my husband, but you should check him out if you need help.

2. Bluehost: This is where I host my site. Bluehost costumer service is great with any questions you might have.

3. Google Analytics: This is what I use to track my blog traffic. Analytics can be quite overwhelming but this is a must have tool. I plan to do a tutorial going over some of the features I use.

4. Canon DSLR Camera: I have a Canon 7D Camera with a 50mm, 24mm and 85mm prime lenses. I have a few others but those are my favorite. A little disclaimer I am a professional photographer so you don’t need all of these things. There are plenty of place online where you can find photos for your blog but I think have a good camera such as a Canon Rebel and a 50mm lens are great for any bloggers toolkit.

5. Kodak Video Camera: While my Canon shoots video as well I prefer to use our little Kodak for my tutorial videos because it it little and easy to set up so that it shoots over my shoulder down to my work area.

6. Pixabay: This is my favorite place to get stock photos for free! It is searchable and has some really nice shots. I also love Death to Stock Photos, I get them emailed to me.

7. Lightroom and Photoshop: I use Lightroom for basic editing of any photos I take and photoshop for any heavy editing and to add text to images.

8. Canva: Is an online photo editor that I have come to use more than photoshop to make blog title photos and pinable photos. I often use this tool over photoshop because it is simple and fast. Sometimes I can’t get caught up in Photoshop trying to make everything just perfect. It also has some pre-made graphics and photos (both free and paid).

9. Organizer / Editorial Calendar: I use the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin to plan and schedule post. I like o keep a written organizer. I use a Hedi Swapp Planner, which has a list type calendar with each month that I use to plan blogs out for the month. 


10. Affiliate and Ad Networks: This topic can be a long post all on it’s own so I am not going into much detail today. My main monetization tools are Google AdSence, and Amazon Affiliates. I am beginning to work with many more networks which I will blog about another day.


10 Blog Tools I Use Daily

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