10 Tips to get Better Sleep While Pregnant + Havertys Mattress Contest


Getting a good night’s sleep while pregnant can be challenging, your belly is growing and your mind is always racing about the excitement of a baby. Here are some tips I learned while I was pregnant along with information on how you can enter to win a brand new mattress from Havertys.

Drink Water-Early in the Day

The more water you drink the less work your body has to do to rejuvenate while you are sleeping so you will feel more rested. However, try to drink earlier in the day and cut back before 5 pm to minimize bathroom trips.

Keep off Your Gadgets

If you are like me you use your phone as a clock, but this is a bad idea because there your phone is just tempting you to get on Pinterest or Facebook. Your mind can’t rest and actually I have heard the type of light from phones and tablets wakes you up even more.


Doing some light physical activity during the day helped me fall asleep faster and rest better. I liked going on walks after dinner.

Have a Bedtime Routine

Having a set sleep schedule (even on the weekends) helps your body rest better. Try to set a bedtime when you usually feel tired and that allows you to get enough sleep before you have to wake. Also try to wake up at the same time everyday. Create a wind-down routine leading up to your bedtime to help your body know it is time to relax and rest.

Watch the Caffeine

Doctors suggest you cut caffeine for the health of the baby anyway but some is not harmful. If you do have a little caffeine, drink it early in the day. I use to think the caffeine in soda didn’t effect me but I began to realize even though I may feel tired it was keeping me awake.

Limit Naps

I am not much of a napper because it throws off my entire day and keeps me up at night. If you can limit or skip naps so you can get more sleep at night.

Keep the Baby Prepping Out of the Bedroom

Planning for a baby is very exciting but keep the baby books and paint samples for the nursery out of the bedroom. These kind of exciting things keep the mind going which makes it hard to rest much less get to sleep.

Pillow Up

Let’s just face it being pregnant is very uncomfortable at times. You will need lots of pillows to help prop you up. Considering buying a pregnancy pillow.

Prepare for the Bump

If you like to sleep on your back or stomach, try to start sleeping on your side before you have to. When your baby bump grows, it is recommended to sleep on your side so try to train yourself to sleep this way early on in your pregnancy to make you more comfortable later on.

Get Comfy- Is it time for a new Mattress?

Don’t forget the largest piece to getting a good night’s rest. How old is your mattress? Having a great mattress that is not only comfortable but also provides the right support is important when you are not pregnant, and it helps that much more when you are. I know your list of things you need for baby gets longer everyday but getting good sleep is important while you are pregnant and very much needed after baby arrives (though sleep may be in smaller increments).

Havertys Mattress Contest

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.

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