14 Signs that You are a New Mom



Being a New Mom is wonderful and full of surprises and rewards! Here are some things I have noticed are signs that I’m a new mom!

  1. You find yourself talking about poop more than you ever thought you would.
  2. You are slightly embarrassed when you get off the phone with your friend and realized you talked about your child’s pooping habits.
  3. Your husband just pulled a bib off that was Velcroed to your butt.
  4. You traded in your cute purse for a cute diaper bag.
  5. Tummy time has become a staple phrase.
  6. You hope one day to cool as the 2nd half of the Luvs commercial

    but for now you feel more like the first part.
  7. And you do have a large bottle of hand sanitize.
  8. Cutting tiny finger nails is the scariest thing on the planet.
  9. You don’t remember the last time you fixed your hair.
  10. Hey your lucky if you even showered today.
  11. You jump out of bed at lightening speed because baby grunted.
  12. You also jump out of bed because it is too quite.
  13. When in the car with baby you feel as though all other drivers must be drunk.
  14. You could stare at this Miracle all day.



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