8 Reasons for a Stay-at-home Mom to Join a Gym


7 Reasonsfor a Stay at Home Mom to Join


I have recently done something that I never thought I would do… Join a gym. No, not because I am completely lazy but if I wanted to workout I could do a workout video or go on a walk, but that rarely happens. Also, there is that pesky monthly fee, however I joined and I am so excited about it. Here are 8 reasons that led to deciding to join a gym:

1. Get in Shape/ Lose Weight: Well this is the obvious reason. Let’s face it, after having kids our bodies are not what they use to be. If you are anything like me, who was not really working out before I had a baby can mean we still are carrying around some extra weight.

2. Child Care: Before you think… but I don’t have a sitter… many gyms have child care. My gym has a nice big playroom for the kids and great staff to watch and play with them.

3. Motivation: If I am left to my own vices of doing a workout video or going on a walk, my motivation takes a nose dive real quick. However when I am at the gym around other people working out it motivates me to do more. The variety of classes actually makes me excited about working out. Also see number 6, it is a huge motivator for me when all else fails.

4. Get out of the House: So you have been blessed to be able to stay at home with your kid and you wouldn’t change it for the world but the day can be kind of long when your only interaction is with a toddler (even though she the coolest toddler on the planet).

5. Time to your self: Going to gym is some you time to get in shape. You can also read or listen to the music on the treadmill. I take advantage of showering and getting ready for the day at the gym.  Not to mention most gyms have a sauna and hot tub.

6. Meet other moms: Guess who else workouts during the day between 8 and 5… other moms. The gym can be a great place to meet other moms.

7. Kids Get out of the house too: While I try to do many things with Ali like go to the pool or story time she is away from me very little. I think it is great for her to be able to spend some time away from me and be around other kids.

8. Doesn’t Cost as Much as you think: Yes there are some super fancy gyms out there with high monthly dues, but you can find great gyms with everything you need for less than you may think. Do some research on the gyms in your area and see if any of the plans will fit into your budget. Don’t forget that living a healthier lifestyle can save in the future with medical bills. If it is not in your budget then maybe there is something you can give up to make room for it.

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