A Few of Dog’s Favorite Things


Dog's Favorite Things Presley-001

Meet Presley, this is our first spoiled princess. She is a Border Collie Mix… I believe she must have Golden Retriever in her. She is one big fur ball of energy and love who makes us smile everyday.  With baby on the way I haven’t shared much about Presley on the blog so I wanted to share some of her favorite toys, treats and food.

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own.)

  1. Cedar Dog Bed: My mother in-law found this awesome bed at Kroger of all places. It is plenty big enough for Presley (who is 40 lbs), the cover comes off so it can be washed and it has cedar in it so it smells nice. I tried to find it online to share with you but I could not so if you ever see it in Kroger it is a great buy.
  2. Ceramic Bowls: When we first brought Presley home she picked up her full plastic water bowl and carried it across the kitchen. These ceramic bowls she has never picked up and they are so pretty! We have the larger one for water and the smaller one for food.
  3. Nylabones: Presley especially loves the new peanut butter flavored ones. These are great bones to chew on and they last for months. I have always had one for Presley and I believe that is the reason why we  never had problems with her chewing on furniture or other things.
  4. Chuck it: Presley loves to run fast and she loves tennis balls… But I don’t like picking up drool cover tennis balls. The chuck it is a win for us both; I can keep my hands clean and throw the ball really far for her.
  5. Chuck it Frisbee: I am so impressed with the durability of this toy! Presley loves playing frisbee but the hard plastic ones have made her mouth bleed (just a little) on occasion. So I decided to give a fabric one a try not sure if it would last because she has demolished they toughest dog toys. The chuck it frisbee is holding up very we’ll not matter how hard she tries to rip a hole in it.
  6. Purina One Dog Food: We feed her both the Chicken and Lamb flavors and we have had no problems and her coat is always nice and soft.
  7. Milk Bones: This is her everyday treat. She loves them and they have vitamins and minerals that are good for her.
  8. Beggin Strips: This is her favorite treat that she will do anything for. She only gets these every so often mostly from nana.
  9. Beer Squeaky Toy: Okay I got this toy as a joke… I thought my husband would get a kick out of it and it was on sale. I figured it would last a day. Boy was I wrong! This toy is indestructible, loud, and Presley’s FAVORITE.
  10. Furminator Dog Brush: Really this is one of my favorites. Presley sheds a lot and this brush it awesome (if you use it regularly). It is a but pricey, back when I bought it I was able to get it online for half the price in the pet store with shipping.
  11. Kong Bone filled with Peanut Butter: This is for extra special times, like after baths or if we have had to be gone all day. We just use regular peanut butter to fill  the ends.
  12. Ice: Presley loves to crunch on ice especially after she has been out running around on a hot day. Sometimes I dump a bunch on the deck and let her go to town.  Every time I fix a drink with ice she comes running for her piece.

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