A Letter to a Husband from His Pregnant Wife: How Every Pregnant Woman Should Feel


Maternity Photography with Amy Paulson

(photo by Amy Paulson)

Dear Hubby,

It was a week or so ago…in my 37th week of pregnancy,  I had very little sleep and woke up on the wrong side of the bed and very hormonal. I had been snippy all morning. I sat across from you at lunch and apologized for being so crabby. You just looked at me and my big belly, smiled and said, “Its okay, I understand why you would be.” Thank you for understanding and not holding my crabby mood against me, I felt very loved in that moment.
But it hasn’t just been then, you have made me feel loved and beautiful through out my pregnancy.  You tell me I look pretty even when I haven’t really fixed my hair in days…. no weeks. You want to see my baby belly and tell me you don’t really see any stretch marks, even though they started showing up. You make french fry runs when I can not make it another 30 minutes until our dinner plans. You cook me dinner so I can prop up my swollen feet. You spent hours waiting on Ikea to open (the day it opened late) just so I could get the right shelves for the nursery. You hung the shelves with me hovering over your shoulder with the level. You started to paint the nursery and then started over when I change my mind about the color. You don’t complain when I get in and out of bed and turn on the bathroom light all through out the night. You happily took birthing classes with me. You don’t mind my constant ice chompping, which has become my latest obsession. And most importantly you cannot wait to meet our baby girl. Thank you for being there with me and for me through this wonderful but sometimes uncomfortable time in our life. You are going to be a great dad. I love you.

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