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Hi I’m Kate Danielle the girl behind the Creative House Blog. I started this blog to share my creative mind and relate to other creatives. Creativity is all around us in the way we live, dress, cook, raise kids and in the more obvious things like crafts and diy projects.  Creative House Blog touches a little bit of all those aspects, but first here is a little more background info about me. I am a wife to an amazing husband, Chris,  who has supported me and all my crazy ideas for 5+ years… even the time I finally convinced him that he could be dog person.  I don’t know if he truly is a dog person but he is TOTALLY a Presley person. Presley is our wonderful “golden-collie” who has made us smile and laugh every day for the past 2 years (yes even the time she stole an entire rotisserie chicken… it was too funny to stay mad). Together we have just started a wonderful new adventure of becoming mom and dad  to a sweet, spunky, already marches-to-her-own-beat baby girl, Ali.  She is truly a blessing from God and our greatest adventure that we will ever take!

My Family
I have always had a creative nature about me, art was my favorite class. I thrive when I have a good hands on DIY project. I  am a diy junkie…from redoing furniture, decorating my baby’s DIY nursery,  to making smaller crafts like wreaths, I love it all. You diy-ers and creatives know what it is like… we get great ideas just bubbling in our heads that just make people say...ummm oookay until they see it completed and can agree it is indeed awesome. We can never get rid of things because everything has another purpose… eventually. Those times my husband finally convinces me to get rid of some things  that have be lingering around for months (okay years) I swear I always need that very thing the next day! I am also a professional wedding and portrait photographer. There is just something about freezing a special moment in someone’s life for them to cherish. Needless to say I take about a million and one pictures of baby Ali on a daily basis.  Please take a look at my photography site if you or someone you know needs a photographer! www.katedanielle.com

About Creative House Blog

CHB is a diy and lifestyle blog about my home projects, becoming a mom, and other life adventures. In our house we like to get creative with all kinds of things such as,  making some of our decor, ways we save money, playing with Ali, sewing  and even brewing beer. You can visit often to see new blog post on the home page and please take a look around at some of my popular categories, DIY House Projects, Arts & Crafts, Baby Adventures, Sewing Tutorials, Family, The Kitchen and Deals.

DIY House Projects

Here is where you can read about all the diy projects in my home and look at tutorials for home projects you can do too. Check out how we painted our old refrigerator to take it from white to black  or take a look at my latest decor projects.

Arts & Crafts

This section has all my other diy projects such as wreaths, photos albums, and that time I helped Chris brew beer.

Sewing Tutorials

Come along with me as I take on new sewing projects. You will find diy minky blanket tutorials, how to sew with a ruffler foot and soon there will be throw pillow tutorials.

Baby Adventures

Being a new mom is a whole new area I get to be creative…  Baby Adventures I share tips I have picked up along the way, stories about being a mom and any baby products we love. Occasionally you might see some baby fashion post because lets face it baby clothes are so cute!

The Kitchen

This all the recipes I try and come out successful. I often find recipes on Pinterest and add my own flare. If you are looking for onion free recipes than you have come to the right place, I can’t stand them! Fair warning though I don’t measure much when I cook I just go based off sight and guesstimations.


Get an inside peek at our family and the adventures we take, like selling our first home and trips. This is where I also post any life lessons we learn along the way as a family.


The deals page features new deals I find on baby items, cloths, decor and craft supplies! These post wont show up on the home page so be sure to check it for new deals!

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