Baby Fleece Hat with Fur


Ali-005   Baby It’s Cold Outside…& baby Ali needs a warm hat! I scored some cute discount fleece from the remnants section at Hobby Lobby. It was enough to make two little fleece hats. After a Pinterest search I found 2 tutorial that I referenced to make my hats that you can find here:  Made by Me & Shared with You and I am Mama Hear Me Roar.  Please refer to their post for more details.  This is a cute baby fleece hat that you can add a flower or pom to for an accent. I went into my challenge grab bag and made a fur pom with the fur trim I had.   Fleece-Hat-001 Fleece-Hat-003 Fleece-Hat-004 Fleece-Hat-005 Fleece-Hat-006 Fleece-Hat-007 Fleece-Hat-008 Fleece-Hat-011 Fleece-Hat-010 Fleece-Hat-012 Fleece-Hat-013 Fleece-Hat-016 Fleece-Hat-014 Fleece-Hat-017 Fleece-Hat-001-2 Fleece-Hat-002-2 Fleece-Hat-003-2

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