Baby’s Birthday Week Takeover: Birthday Outfit


It's Your Birthday Baby!

I can’t wait for Ali to wear her birthday outfit. It is so girly and I love it. I made her 2 onesies (one for the cake smash and one for after) with my silhouette cameo and heat transfer vinyl. If you do not have a die cut machine like the Silhouette you can design your own onesie from Zazzle.  Her tutu is a simple no sew tutu that I will show you how to make below.  I love having the tutu be removable so that she can take it off for her cake smash and get all messy. Then after she is cleaned up she has another cute onesie and can put her party tutu back on. Birthday-Girl-Outfit-DIY-Tutu-9


No Sew Party Tutu for Babies First Birthday

Step 1: Measure and cut your elastic. Tie the ends together in a knot. Birthday-Girl-Outfit-DIY-Tutu

Step 2. Place elastic around a coffee can or paper towel roll.


Step 3. Cut 5 to 6 inch wide strips of tulle to 2 times your desired length or longer (it is fine if the strips are not exactly straight). Layer 6-8 strips and fold in half.


Step 4. Pull the middle through the elastic making a loop.


Step 5. Pull the strands through the loop and tighten.


Step 6. Once you make your way around the elastic fill in between the knots with just 2 layers of tulle.

Birthday-Girl-Outfit-DIY-Tutu-6 Birthday-Girl-Outfit-DIY-Tutu-8

Step 7. Trim the edge of the tutu so the edges are even.

Birthday-Girl-Outfit-DIY-Tutu-7Step 8. The elastic can get stretched as you tighten and move your tulle. If this happens just find the knot and pull it out… then you can retie the elastic in a smaller circle.


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