Been There Done That: Hospital Bag Update



An old friend commented on my Hospital Bag packing list asking if I had any updates now that I actually have “been there, done that” so of course that inspired a blog post. After reviewing my original list I feel like I packed really well.  I left the diaper bag and Ali’s clothes at home for my mom to bring after Ali was born because I know we would be changing rooms.  One additional thing I had someone bring from home was a couple of my own towels for when I finally got to shower. 

For Mom:

  • License and Insurance Card
  • Extra Pillows: I defiantly used my pillow for extra comfort. I had to kind of lay  on my side so it helped having extra pillows under me. 
  • 2 Night Gowns: I only used one but it doesn’t hurt to have a spare
  • a Cotton Robe: Didn’t Use. 
  • 3 Nursing Sleep Bras: I used one. 
  • A Box of Nursing Pads: Didn’t Use
  • Slippers and Slipper socks: Yes I was out walking the halls after my c-section
  • 3 Pairs of Big Comfy Undies: since I had a c-section I wore the lovely undies they game me
  • Toothbrush/ Toothpaste: Yes!
  • Hairbrush and hairbands: Yes!
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: Yes!
  • Fase Wash: Yes!
  • Soap:Yes!
  • Makeup: No… after my c-section it was all I could manage was a shower
  • Chapstick: Yes
  • Tylenol: No-because I had a c-section I was on pain medications
  • Stool Softener: No
  • Comfy Discharge Clothes: Yes

For Baby:

  • Car Seat is already installed in the Car – We have the Britax B-Safe : Of course we used this
  • 4 Long sleeved Pajamas (I like the gowns that fold over the hands): Yes, I feel like we went trough more than 4
  • 2 swaddle blankets: Needed more
  • Mits: yes they were so helpful to keep baby from scratching 
  • Socks: Yes
  • about 15 diapers: No we didn’t finish the pack from the hospital
  • wipes: Yes
  • Pacifier: Yes… the hospital gave us one but she didn’t like that one
  • Baby Book: No… I am designing one to be printed
  • Cute Going Home Outfit: Yes

Dad’s Bag:

  • Couple Changes of Clothes: Yes… but really just shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in. We live so close to the hospital that he was able to shower and change at home. 
  • Magazine/ Book or Ipad: No
  • drinks and snacks: He had family bring him food
  • Call list that I made for him: I never really made this
  • Camera: yes
  • Toiletrieyes (toothbrush)
  • Phone Charger: yes, could have used one for each phone. 

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