Birth Announcement Tips & Savings


Birth Announcement Tips

We were excited to finally send out Ali’s Birth Announcements that I ordered from Shutterfly. I was really pleased with how they turned out. If you need to order birth announcements I have 2 ways for you to save. (This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own).

Order Today (6/4) from Shutterfly– Save 20% on 5×7 flat cards.

Order by June 9 from Tiny Prints line– Enjoy $20 off orders of $49+. New customers only, excluding: calendars, photo books, Erin Condren weekly planners and gift certificates. Use this Code: TPSAVE20

Birth Announcement Tips

1.  First off Don’t stress yourself trying to get them sent out in a hurry. Everyone understand that you just had a baby and you are BUSY. Ali was almost 2 months old before ours got mailed out. Etiquette is within the first six months.

2. Spreading the Great News! Send them to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who sent you gifts (such as friend’s of your parents).

3. Wording of a Birth Announcement: People want to know the details; weight, length, and date (the time is optional).  Include baby’s full name and maybe a lead in such as “Welcome our new bundle of Joy…” or Our newest Blessing…” Then close with your names.  As you can see ours was super simple.

4. Photo: I think including a photo is a must. Everyone wants to see your adorable baby!

5. Personal Notes are not necessary. Like I said in number one people understand that you are busy with your newborn. I did take the opportunity to add in a Thank You note for small gifts I had gotten after baby arrived and had not sent a Thank you card for yet.


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