Book Review: Grunge Gods and Graveyards


Grunge Gods and Graveyards
by Kimberly G. Giarratano
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing (June 2, 2014)
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4 of 5

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Romance
Pages: 302
Format: Paperback, Kindle

Parted by death. Tethered by love.

Lainey Bloom is an unpopular high school senior in a small town and things could not being going any worse.  It is the first day of school and Lainey is still getting over the popular boy who kissed her but then died a week later in a hit and run. The popular kids at school torment her, she is failing Spanish, and might not graduate with her 1997 class. Not to mention that everyone at school blames her for the cute boys death.
When the cute boy, Danny shows up as a Ghost that only Lainey can she has to help figure out who killed him so he can cross over. As they get closer and closer to the truth Danny is closer to being gone forever.
I know the storyline seems kind of crazy but this paranormal fiction was wonderfully written while paying homage to the 90’s. Each chapter is titled with a popular 90’s grunge song and the characters wear concert tees, JNCOs, and Doc Martens.  While I don’t know that today’s teens will appreciate the 90’s music and clothes I think it is one if the thing that make this a perfect crossover book for adults. There were some stereotype charters including the mean popular girl, rebellious teenagers, and Lainey our main character who keeps getting the short and of the stick. 
As far as the plot line, the mystery of what happened to Danny had me hooked. I can’t say that I stayed up until 2 in the morning reading but I would read “just one more chapter” each night.  This book gets a 4 of 5.  I was invested in finishing it but it was also kind of predictable, but I didn’t really have a problem with that because often times what we predict will happen is what we want to happen right?!
A character I have not mentioned, The Lady in Blue, a ghost who helps Lainey and Danny has a love story of her own, we get some of her story in this book but Kimberly G. Giarratano has recently published The Lady in Blue: A Grunge, Gods and Graveyards Mystery in which Liz Bloom (Lainey’s sister) helps figure out what happened to the lady in blue. I have note yet read it but look forward to continuing the story.
I was given this book to read for my honest review via NetGalley. 

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