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You are Invited

You are invited to join me on a reading adventure! If you love to read and review books on your blog I would love to invite you to join me in a review hangout!

We will meet on google hangout to chat and review a book we have read. I will record (and edit if needed) our review and share it on my youtube. Everyone is welcome to share the video with a link back to my review post on their blog. I will be creating an official name and button for the review club, but I was just so excited about the idea I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it. If you have any ideas for a Book Review Club name please comment below.

I get most of my books from Netgalley, First to Read, Tyndale Blog Network and Blogging for Books. Below is a list of books I have lined up to review (yes when I have gotten a little excited about receiving books for review and have a lot of reading to do). If you are reading any of these books or would like to request or buy a copy and join me in the hangout I would love to have you. Please look over the list and fill out the form to sign up. If are not interested in any of these books but would like to hear about future review hangouts please fill out the form and let me know!

Books for Review:

Here is a list of Books I have lined up for Review with approximate Google Hangout Review Dates and where they can be found. Hangouts will need to take place Either at 6:00 am (I know early) or 8:00 pm or later EST. When you fill out the form let me know of a few dates and times that you can hangout for each book review you would like to participate in.

-The Choosing: May 21 (Tyndale Blog Network – must have already been selected to review)

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly:June 9 (First to Read – must already been selected to review)

Praying Upside Down: A Creative Prayer Experience to Transform Your Time with God: June 15 ( Tyndale Blog Network or Amazon)

Capture The Moment: June 24 (Blogging for Books or Amazon)

-Ink and Bone: Review hangout date around July 5 (First to Read– must already been selected  to review)

The Red Queen: July 22 (Amazon)

Are You Fully Charged: August 12 (NetGalley or Amazon)

The Fault in Our Stars : TBD (Amazon)

Graceling: TBD (Amazon)

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