Book Review: Luckiest Girl Alive


Luckiest Girl Alive Book Review


In Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll we meet Ani who is just a few year shy of 30, living in New York with her upper class Fiance. She seems to have it all but she has a dramatic past that pains her. As a young teenager,  a new girl at a prestigious school, she just wants to fit in with the popular kids but ends up being humiliated, traumatized and desperate to transform herself into a woman who has it all.

Ani is our narrator as she tells us about the present in one chapter and recalls her past in the next.  She is overly concerned with being thin for her wedding, she wants to act the perfect way, and she wants to finally tell her side of the story.

My Thoughts

I did not like Ani, she is very judge mental of other women. After I learned more about her dark past then I started to like her but ultimately she reminded me of Amy from Gone Girl. The story of Ani’s past kept me intrigued as she retells more and more about the events that occurred.  I leaned that Lionsgate acquired the rights to turn the book into a movie with Reese Withersoon as a producer. I do think it will make a good movie.

Who Would I recommend Luckiest Girl Alive to?

If you liked Gone Girl you will probably like this book. I thought I was only seeing similarities between the books because I have not been reading a lot until recently but after reading some other reviews many  suggested that if you like Gone Girl and other books by Gillan Flynn you would like this.

Favorite Parts

I like the retelling the of the teenage years the most.


I felt as thought the book jump around a lot and not because some of it was in the past and some in the present.  It seemed to break off to leave suspense but I was often  a little confused until a part was brought up again later.

There was lots of curse words, which won’t stop me from reading a book by any means but I still dislike it.

3 of 5


Overall I give this book a 3 out of 5. Even though I didn’t care for the main character too much the story was still suspenseful enough to keep me interested.

I received this book from NetGalley to review, all opinions are my own.  


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