Book Review: MO(U)RNING JOY


Mourning-Joy-book-tour MO(U)RNING JOY

by Kalan Chapman Lloyd

About the Book
“This is the book no one wants to read. This is the book no one wants to write. This is a memoir about life after birthing death. This is the story of mourning joy and the joy in the morning.” -Kalan Chapman Lloyd“If the raw reality of stillbirth, loss of pregnancy, or miscarriage has rendered you senseless if you feel helpless in friending a grieving family, then you will be touched by the words of care and concern that you can’t always think to say at the time. I highly recommend this unabashed account of Kalan Lloyd’s journey toward wholeness.”-Susanna Fitzgerald, MSW

I had the pleasure to review Mo(u)ring Joy through Book Delight virtual tours. I did not know what to expect as I started this book but I really appreciated Kalan sharing her story in this way.   This book made me teary eyed as Kalan shares her story about mourning over her stillborn son. It is a very honest journal like book about Kalan’s experiences. While it is not a book for pleasure, it is such an important one to read for anyone who is dealing with a similar struggle. I think many people who are believers in Jesus as Kalan (and myself) and are also faced with a struggle or tragedy can find some comfort in Kalen’s honest words about her anger, sadness and raw emotions.

As a mother myself this book really made me think about everyone who is dealing with the loss of a baby and I feel better equip to be able to be supportive to anyone who may enter my life and needs a friend, a shoulder or even a book to support them.


You can purchase this book through amazon here (affiliate link).

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