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The Lady in Blue

The Lady in Blue by Kimberly G. Giarratano
Publish Date: April 30, 2015
Genre: YA, Mystery
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The Lady in Blue stole a car and fled Ash.
Out on Devlin Road she emerged from a crash.
She wandered the woods with her head dripping blood.
Then drowned in the river in water and mud.All her life criminology student Liz Bloom has heard this rhyme, meant to scare young campers. When she’s about to take on her first cold case, Liz learns the eerie song is about her great aunt Lana. Liz isn’t big on studying, but she does have one advantage most criminologists don’t — she can speak to the dead.In 1955, Lana Bloom was an eighteen-year-old beauty with Hollywood dreams who fell in love with a stranger. When Lana died in a bloody car crash, all signs pointed to the mysterious man who was never seen again.As Lana unravels the details surrounding her last week of life, the tale she weaves for Liz is one of desire, betrayal, and murder. But if Lana can’t identify her killer, not only will a murderer escape punishment, but her ghostly form will cease to exist. And Liz will have failed the most important assignment of all – family.


My Review:
After reading the wonderful Grunge Gods and Graveyards by Kimberly there is one character that you wonder what happens to her… and also what happened to her as she is a ghost. I was so happy that Kimberly wrote a book to continue the story of the lady in blue who we meet first in the prologue in Grunge, Gods and Graveyards.  This novella is narrated by Lana Bloom, the lady in blue, as she recalls memories to her great niece Liz Bloom.  Lana is trying to piece together her fading memories so her niece can solve what really happened to her before her ghost turns to mist. The story begins in the 1990s where the first book leaves of with Liz Bloom determined to solve the mystery around her great aunt’s death, and helping her move on.  We are quickly taken back to the 1950s when Lana was about to graduate high school a few days before prom night and the night of Lana’s death.

I loved how the mystery unravels with subtle clues in place that I did not pick up on right away.  The Lady in Blue is a quick read with drama, romance, mystery and of course a little paranormal activity. You can read this book without having read the companion, Grunge Gods and Graveyards but I recommend reading both books.

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kggiarratanoLynnAbout the Author

Kimberly G. Giarratano is the author of Grunge Gods and Graveyards (affiliate link), a YA paranormal mystery set in the mid-90s. She lives in the woods of northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and small children. A former teacher and YA librarian, Kimberly adores Etsy, Jon Stewart, The Afghan Whigs, ’90s nostalgia, and (of course) everything YA. She also speaks Spanish, but is woefully out of practice.

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