Britax B-Agile Stoller with a Britax Bassinet



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I love the Britax line of strollers and carseats. We choose it for baby Ali because it had wonderful online reviews and it was recommended in the Baby Bargains Book (read my book review). So after viewing the products in person at Babies R Us we went the the Britax B-Agile Stroller because it is easy to fold and it is very compact. The Britax products has a wonderful “Click & Go” System that allows the infant carseats to lock into the strollers. This means the stroller can grow with your baby. You can also have one car seat and base for each vehicle.

My little one gets so hot in her carseat so I wondered if there was another option for her while she is cruising in her stroller. I was happy to discover that Britax makes a bassinet but was quickly sadden to read it was not for the Britax B-Agile Stroller. After some research and a visit to the baby store I discovered that both Britax Bassinets will lock into the B-agile stroller even though it does not say that on their website.

There are currently 2 bassinets on the market… the Britax B-Ready Stroller Bassinet (the one we purchased) I believe is about to be replaced by the newer model  (Britax Affinity Bassinet) but you can still find it. We purchased our’s on clearance. The store associate did not think the older bassinet would work with the b-agile stroller because it is larger but agreed to let us try. As you can see in the photos it does fit, we also tried the new Affinity Bassinet and it fits as well. The only reason we went with the older model was because it was less expensive.


Not only is the bassinet great on the stroller but it is great by its self because it allows us to have Ali in any room with us while she naps or watches her Tiny Princess Take Along Mobile. She loves stretching out in it.


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