Caution Mama Bear on Board Car Decal



As a mama I know that protecting our little ones is very important to us. I especially want to keep my baby safe in the car. I wish everyone on the road felt this way, but people are busy rushing around trying to get where they are going FAST. I created the Mama Bear on board car decal to be a stylish and cute way of let other’s know that I have precious cargo in tow. Hopefully it will encourage other drivers to slow down, back off and drive more cautiously.

Car Decal-2

Let those road warriors know that Mama is on Board protecting her little ones by purchasing your own Mama Bear Decal! 🙂 The decal is available in my Etsy shop in tons of colors!


The car decals ship safely with cardboard so they wont get bent and application instructions. The Decal measures 5.6 x 3.4 inches. It is made with outdoor premium vinyl made to last up to 6 years. Vinyl decals are perfect for applying to any smooth, hard, non-porous surfaces.

Be sure to check out my Mama Bear coffee mugs too!

CHB Cups-3

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