Citrus Lane Box: Best Gift for New Moms and Baby Product Reviews
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My sweet sister in-law gave me a subscription to Citrus Lane. It was such a wonderful and fun gift for new moms. Citrus Lane is a monthly box subscription with the best products for your kids (babies and up). They also usually throw in a sample product to pamper mom. I love getting fun packages in the mail and this is even extra exciting for a new mom who is not getting out of the house much. Once a subscription has been purchased (weather it be for yourself or a gift) the recipient creates an account where you will share gender and age of child so you get age appropriate items to help your child learn and grow!  Each month we have not only received nice products but we have gotten products that we use every single day. The boxes we have received have yet to disappoint. You can get 50% off your first box with the code SAVEHALF.

Here are 2 of our favorite items that were in our very first box.

The ZoLi On-The-Go Formula & Snack Dispenser has become a staple in our diaper bag. It has four containers that we fill with the amount of formula we need for each bottle while we are out and about. It was also great for middle of the night feedings, it was so nice to already have the nursery water in the bottle and just dump the formula in. You don’t have to measure in the dark.

The North American Baby Cozies are soft and so great for little hands. We got the pink elephant and Ali loves hanging on to it. We named her Ellie and she has gone on many car rides and hangs out in the pack-n-play. She also is great to stow in the diaper bag for on the go entertainment as she doesn’t add weight or take up much room.

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