Clean Out Your E-reader Challenge!




Reviewing books has become my new obsession! I was so excited when I discovered the COYER (Clean out your e-reader) Challenge. This wonderful challenge is for anyone who (like me) loves getting books to review or free Kindle books and might a never ending to be read pile! This is the first time I am participating in a COYER challenge which runs from June 20th to September 4th and is hosted by Michelle at Because Reading, Berls at Fantasy is More Fun, and Stormi at Books, Movies, Reviews Oh My! 

I am a week late to the challenge but there is plenty of time to still get involved. There are many ways to participate, you can link up reviews, participate in the scavenger hunt with 80 challenges, be the best supporter and there are bonus read-a-thons and twitter parties!

My goals for the challenge: 

  • Complete 30 of the Scavenger hunt items
  • Participate in all the Read-a-thons
  • Meet other book obsessed bloggers
  • And of course read and have fun!
  • COYER Scavenger Hunt

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