Craft Store Deals and Grab Bag Challenge



Very rarely do I check out the clearance sections at my local craft stores…which is strange since I tend to be a thrifty shopper. I guess when I go to Hobby Lobby or other stores I tend to have a purpose. Well I have been missing out!! I was in Hobby Lobby and I wanted to check out the fabric remnants because I wanted to make my baby a winter hat and the great thing about sewing things for babies is that you don’t need much fabric. I was able to get some black with white polkadot fleece for a few bucks…. I can’t remember how much it was but I was able to make 2 baby hats and a pair of mittens. Remnants are great because you get them at a discount.  I also spotted some pattern tulle rolls… 10ft for $1.50 What a deal. I believe they were in clearance because the patterns are hard to see on them but they are bows on gifts an other things.


As I was searching for some cute fleece I spotted these bags stuffed with various fabrics and some stuffed with ribbon and trim. They were remnant grab bags. The bags are tapped close so you can’t open them but you can see through them to see some of the things inside… how much you get of each thing is a surprise.  I picked up a fabric grab bag for $4 and a Ribbon and Trim bag for $6. I picked ones that had things that had things in them that I instantly  had some ideas for or that really caught my eye. For example, I spotted a large piece of red, black and white fleece that I knew I could make more winter hats or ear warmers, there was some royal blue that I want to make some kind of bow or headband to match one of baby Ali’s outfits, some sparkly gold ribbon caught my eye for some nice holiday decor and there was a lot of cording I can use on some pillows I plan on making. I’m not sure if you can always find these bags at Hobby Lobby I plan to keep an eye out for them.

Grab Bag Creative Challenge

I plan on using my collection of remnants as a creative challenge for myself. About once a month or so I will post a tutorial of something I made incorporating pieces from my grab bags.  I don’t have any rules and I can use other fabric or supplies but I am challenging myself to use everything from the bags. There are all kinds of fun things to make with small pieces of fabric and I can always make some rolled flowers or bows for Ali!

 Here is what I got in my grab bags for just $10:


Red & White Ribbon- 5+ yards

Green Trim- 4+yards

Brown and Orange Trim- 2.5 yards

Cording- 4+ yards

Yellow Ribbon: 5 yards


Black Fur Trim- 1 yard

White Fur Trim- 2 yards

Sheer Purple Ribbon- 10 yards

Gold Glitter Ribbon- 3 yards

Craft-Store-Deals-005 Craft-Store-Deals-006


Sheer White- 3 yards x 19 in

Blue Fleece- 1.75 yards x 8 in

Textured Black- 1.5 yards x 9 in

Red, Back and White Fleece- 2 yards x 10in

Blue Mesh- 2 yards x 14 in

Floral- 1 yard x 4 in

Leopard- 1.5 yards x 2.5 in

Chevron 1.75 yards x 3 in

Tan with Black- 1.5 yards x 2 in

Black Cotton- 1 yard x 4 in

Black Felt- 1 yard x 3 in


Do you see anything that sparks and idea? Please share below!

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