Customized Notebook Covers with Silhouette Cameo + Giveaway


Customize Notebook Covers

I am slightly obsessed with notebooks, I am always so temped to buy them. Michaels usually has some cute note books in the $ section near the front. When I spotted these black white ones I had to get them. I new I would come up with uses for them. I pulled my Silhouette Cameo (another thing I am obsessed with) and decided to customized the covers with vinyl decals. If you are not familiar with Silhouette you should check out my other Tutorials.  If you do not have a Silhouette you can order custom decals from me! Just leave me a comment on email me!
Silhouette Notebook Decals-2

Step 1: Set up your design in the Silhouette Studio and send it to cut. Silhouette Notebook Decals

Step 2: Weed away the scrap vinyl. Silhouette Notebook Decals-3

Step 3: Apply transfer tape and place on notebook. Smooth out the decal with the scraper tool. Silhouette Notebook Decals-4

Step 4 : Enjoy Your pretty New Notebooks. Silhouette Notebook Decals-7 Silhouette Notebook Decals-8 Silhouette Notebook Decals-5 Silhouette Notebook Decals-6


What would you put on the cover of your notebook?


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