Cutting the cable, it’s not as hard as you may think.


Cutting the Cable

Guest Post by Chris (my loving husband):

This past June we passed our one year anniversary of cutting the cable cord. Guess what, we have saved almost $700 since the day we cut the cord. Imagine $700 per year stashed away in your savings account versus paying the cable company and not fully enjoying your cable experience. Truth is we use to watch incredibly too much tv.

Cutting the cable is simple. Did you know that in most areas you can pickup 15-20 over the air HD quality channels for free? Well almost free, you do have to buy an antenna for each tv or one whole house antenna. We chose to go the per tv approach for simplicity. A one time investment of $15-20 per antenna was totally with it. We also received an Apple TV for Christmas so we decided to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu plus. Combined together cost $15-16 per month. Thats a lot better than $65-80 for basic cable and a few extras.

This has allowed us to enjoy the same shows that we were use to watching as well as a wide range of movies. You can also hook you computer up to the tv to stream content like the Discovery channel that is not available on Apple TV. I may have to wait an extra day to watch Duck Dynasty but I can say I watch it for free. How bout you? We do have some shows like two broke girls that you must watch live over the air live because they do not offer streaming after the fact. I thought college football would be the biggest issue “Go Dawgs”, but I’ve been able to watch every game this year either on the over the air channels or on which is free!

Why be glued to the tv for the latest episodes? I can watch them on demand anytime I want after the fact! Savings is totally worth the loss of DVR and on demand events.

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