#Dadbrags | Happy Father’s Day



He nervously held my hand as we waited to hear…we both knew deep down what she was going to say.

It’s not that Chris didn’t want a girl but he knew it meant that there was going to be a tiny browned headed princess that would be able to melt his heart with the bat of an eye (even more so than her mama can). He also knew it meant he would one day have to deal with boys trying to steal her heart… and while boys will come and go and I’m sure he won’t like most of them he can rest assure that in the end she will marry a wonderful man. I know this because even though he doesn’t realize it he is already teaching her how a man should treat a woman by the way he treats me.

He works very hard so Ali and I can spend as much time together as possible and he also manages to make time for us. He even goes out of his way to make sure the dog doesn’t feel left out with the new baby.

He respects me, and believes in me and my dreams. He is always my number one fan and I know he will be there for Ali cheering her on as she grows and discovers what her dreams are. He has held my hand through hard times just as he will be there to pick Ali up whenever she falls.

Ali is only 2 months old and we are just getting the hang of this parenting thing…. but I knew Chris would be a wonderful dad because of the way he treats me.

Happy First Father’s Day Chris!


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