Diaper Diaries: How Many Diapers will my Newborn Go Through?


How Many will I use

It was a goal of mine to keep a tally on how many diapers our newborn went through so I could share it here on my blog. Diapers are a big added expense when you have a baby so it is nice to prepare in advance if you can. You can read my other diaper diaries post about stockpiling diapers and ways to save on diapers.

Since Ali’s birth we have changed many many diapers! All babies are different but in Ali’s first week we went through about 100-105 diapers. After one month we have gone through about 350 diapers. So on average we use about 77 diapers a week. Ali is in already in size 1 diapers, she could have worn  size N’s longer but we ran out so we opened our stockpile of size 1’s. Just as a note… Ali is formula fed and was 8lbs 2oz when she was born, and weighed 9lbs 15 oz at one month.


To recap here is our newborn diaper usage breakdown:

Daily- 10-12 diapers
Weekly- 75-78 diapers
First Month- 350 diapers


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