Diy Chalkboards and Chalking Techniques



I love fun Chalkboards and Creative Chalking that you often see in restaurants or out side stores. For the longest time I wondered how they got such neat and bright lettering that cannot be achieve with just regular chalk. Then I discovered Chalk Markers and Martha Stewart’s Liquid Chalk and finally found some time to work with both.  The downside of these chalk materials is that they do not erase well of porus surfaces and since most of the chalk boards I work with are diy boards from wood they are porus. In the post I share my tips on using Chalk Markers and Martha Stewart’s Liquid Chalk on  DIY chalkboards. Then I demonstrate both chalking techniques.

Supplies Needed:

Wood cut out | Chalkboard Paint | Mod Podge

Paint Brush | Chalk Markers | Liquid Chalk | Stencils | Chalk


How to make a DIY Chalkboard:

Painted 2 coats of chalkboard paint ( I believe you could also use black paint).

Let Dry for several hours.

Paint on 3-4 coats of Mod Podge– the Mod Podge
gives it a nice solid coat making the wood not as porus.

Let Dry Over Night before chalking.


Tip for removing Chalk Markers and Liquid Chalk:

I used two different chalking techniques, Chalk Markers and Martha Stewart’s Liquid Chalk. Both will dry on your board but are erasable using a damp towel.  However, after the chalk had been on my diy-boards for some time they would not erase completely with water. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to completely remove the chalk. Since there are several coats of Mod Podge the magic eraser did not remove any black paint.


Chalk Marker: The Fool Proof Technique

I wanted create a “Merry Christmas” sign with nice lettering but instead of trying to draw it out from scratch here is my fool proof easy way:


Martha Stewart Liquid Chalk and Stencils

I could not wait to try Martha Stewart Liquid Chalk
, it a cute and easy chalking method. You can create some really cool decor and chalkboard work with this:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I would love to see your chalkboard creations, please share below!

Next week I will show how I use these chalkboards to create a 5 wreaths with one wreath base!

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