DIY: Drawing Table Makeover with a Door


Drawing Table

This is DIY Project of how I redid and old drawing table with a flat door and and a yard stick.

I had been eyeing this drawing table that had been sitting in my dad’s basement for awhile. I decided to bring it home and give it some love. The original top was a bit warped so it needed a new one. It was my goal to redo the top with things I already had. Lucky for me I have several flat wood doors that I used as walls in a bridal show. I just cut one down to the size I wanted and mounted it on the table stand. I put a fresh coat of stain and gloss on it that I had laying around to give it a nice finish. I had been using a yard stick to make sure it mounted straight…. as I was looking at it I thought the yard stick would make a good accent to the table and help keep things on the table when it is tilted.  So I used a box cutter to slice it just under the numbers (it didn’t come out perfect but I think I was a great addition). I  stained the yard stick to match and used wood glue to attach it. I clamped down the stick and let it dry overnight.  Lastly I put back on the organizer side tray from the original table.

I loved the finish product so much, It was suppose to go in our building out back but I ended up squeezing it in my office.

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