Birthday Week Takeover Easter Edition: DIY Easter Gift for Baby


It's Your Birthday Baby! (1)

This year getting ready for Ali’s birthday weekend also means getting ready for Easter. I wanted to keep her basket simple with a few books and a couple other things. Ali loves to play with books. She will sit in the floor and flip the pages and babble away. It is so darn cute. So I had the idea of making her a soft book for Easter. I have heard this rumor that you can print on fabric with your home printer and freezer paper. However, me and my printer have a love/hate relationship. I use it all the time but it can be very temperamental. So I had many doubts that my printer would print on fabric. I gave it a try and… IT WORKED!  So here is a quick and cute Easter gift DIY.

DIY Soft Easter Book for Baby

 Last minute DIY Soft Easter Book

1. Prepare Fabric for Printing: Iron freezer paper (shiny side touching the fabric)  onto your fabric. Cut down to 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. DIY-Soft-Book-14

2. Design or Download PDF: Create your book in any design software you like…  I just picked out a few Bible Verses and some picture. You will need to strategically place your pages so that when you sew the book together they will be in the order you want. I stacked 2 sheets of paper on top of each other and folded them in half. This give me 8 pages (including the front and back ). Then I marked each page number, when you unfold the paper you can see which pages you need to design on the same spread.  You can also download a PDF of my design at the end of the post.


3. Print your pages.  For most home printers you will insert your “paper” Fabric side down. DIY-Soft-Book

4. Prepare for Sewing: I chose to leave the freezer paper on my book because it will be on the inside and make a crinkling noise that Ali will enjoy. You can remove the paper if you want.  Match up the front and back of the pages and cut a piece of batting or thick scrap material for padding (I am using a scrap fleece). Face the printed sides towards each other with the felt on the bottom.DIY-Soft-Book-4

5. Sew: Use you sewing machine to stitch around the edges leaving a gap. Flip the Book right side out through the gap. DIY-Soft-Book-5

6. Close the Gap:  Fold under the raw edges of the gap and sew closed. Yes you could use a blind hand stitch here but this was a quick DIY so I just tops sticked it closed with my machine. DIY-Soft-Book-7

7. Bind: stack your pages together and sew a zig-zag stitch dow the middle. DIY-Soft-Book-88. Place in Easter basket!  DIY-Soft-Book-9 DIY-Soft-Book-10 DIY-Soft-Book-11

Download a PDF of my Easter Book

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