DIY Framed Dry Erase Boards


DIY White Boards

I can sometimes get easily distracted so to stay organized and on focused I wanted to display any big task, important deadlines and dates, and inspirational quotes on my office wall. So I made some DIY dry erase white boards with picture frames. It is a super simple project that can make a huge impact in your office or home. (This post contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own).

Supplies for DIY Dry Erase Boards:

– old picture frames with glass (Goodwill and the Dollar Tree are great places to get picture frames if you don’t have some sitting around)
Acrylic Paint
-Printer and White Paper
Dry Erase Roll

This is a pretty self-explanatory DIY project. Paint your frames in your color of choice (if you want to add extra detail you can sand your paint a little after it dries to give it a rustic look). Frame white paper and you can use dry-erase makers on the glass. You can use excel to make spreadsheets for detailed task. I am a photographer so my spreadsheets consist of task that I need to complete for each job (get contract, edit, blog, mail, etc..) and I can check of each task as I complete it.  You can also frame vinyl dry-erase paper… the marker does show up a little better.

I had this K block letter sitting around forever, it makes a great center point for my DIY white boards.

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