DIY: How to Sew a Ruffled Curtain out of a Bed Sheet


Ruffled Curtain Sheet

I wanted to make a pretty ruffled curtain for Baby Ali’s nursery and I wanted to make it inexpensively since this was the first ruffle project I sewed. I purchased a white queen flat sheet from Wal-Mart for about $8. The sheet measured 90″ x 102″ and this was plenty of fabric, I even had some left over. My window is 36.5″ inches wide and the top of the window is 82″ inches high so I decided to cut the sheet in half making it 45 inches wide  and cut it 84 inches long (I knew that I would hang the curtain rode a few inches above the window).

Supplies for Ruffled Curtain:

-Flat Queen Sheet
-Sewing Machine
-Matching Thread
-Ruffler Foot
-Basic Sewing Supplies (scissors, seam ripper, cutting matt, ruler)

Directions for Sewing a Ruffle Curtain from a Bed Sheet

1. Cut sheet in half (or to desired width of curtain).

2. I took a seam ripper to the edge of the top of the sheet to open up the side of the pre-finished hem that runs along the top of the sheet. This is where the curtain rod will slide through.

3. Cut the sheet to desired length of curtain and hem along the bottom.

4. Cut 5 strips for your ruffles; I cut 4 at 6 inches and 1 at 5 inches (the 5 inch strip will be the top ruffle, this will make all the ruffles look the same size)


5. Hem the bottom of each strip and one side.

6. Use a ruffler foot to ruffle the strips. (I wanted to be sure my ruffles were long enough so I set my ruffler foot to ruffle every 12 stitches. If you are new to using a ruffler foot be sure to read my ruffler foot post.) Cut the ruffles to the correct length to fit across the curtain and hem the other side.

7.  Pin and sew your ruffles to the sheet. Start with the bottom ruffle and over lap each by 1 inch.



I am so excited about how my my curtain turned out. I think it makes for a great girlie accent for the nursery.

Ruffles Ruffle Curtain in Nursery

Please let me know if you have any questions and share your ruffle projects below!

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