DIY Inexpensive Custom Curtain Rods



When we Moved into our new house we desperately needed to hang curtains in the bedrooms. It was August and the sun would heat up those rooms like an oven. The problem… we needed really long curtain rods (10 feet for one) and we didn’t want to shell out big bucks to have a nice looking rods. We had also already splurged on the baby’s curtain rod but it wasn’t long enough for her new windows ūüôĀ .

I figured out a diy way to have great curtain rods at a fraction of the cost using conduit pipe and as a bonus I was able to use the finials¬†from the baby’s curtain rod. I made two long curtain rods for about $20.

Materials Needed for DIY Curtain Rods

-1/2 in conduit pipe cut down to length needed for windows

-brackets, nuts and botls

-curtain clips

– finials (this can be decorative knobs, ends from an old curtain rod, wooded balls, etc…)

– 5/8 in dowel rod

-spray paint



After I measured both window sets I headed over to Lowes to buy some conduit pipe for about $2.60 each. I asked the man there if he would cut it for me… he was so nice to do so as this was not a regular service but I bet most Lowe’s stores would oblige. ¬†Then I picked out some spray paint, I went with rubbed oil bronze for the master bedroom and an ivory for the baby’s room because ivory matched her finials¬†I wanted to reuse. Since I wanted to keep my project cheap I decided to use brackets with nuts as spacers for mounting the rod in the master and I used the brackets from the old curtain rod for the baby’s room. Lastly I pick up a dowel rod to use for attaching the finials.

Photo-Aug-18,-2-36-27-PM Photo-Nov-02,-9-12-44-AM

I bought small door knobs from Hobby Lobby to use as the finials on the master bedroom curtain rod.


I ordered cheap medal clips from ebay (20 clips for $2). I mean super cheap but I figured once I spray painted and hung them they would look fine.

Curtain Clips

How to Make an Inexpensive, Extra-long Curtain Rod

Step one: Spray Paint the conduit pipe, door nob finals, brackets, blots, screw tops and curtain clips.

Step two: cut 5 inches from your dowel for each end of your rod and drill a whole in the outer end that is slightly smaller than the size of the screw from your finials. Hammer the dowel piece into the rod end.


Step three: Screw in your finals and touch up with spray paint. You might have to use some muscle.

Step four: Place the curtain clips on the rod and using a laser level start hanging using your brackets.  For the extra long rods I use a bracket in between each window, as well as the ends. For example for a three window set I used 4 brackets.  Make sure you space your clips evenly between your brackets.

DIY Curtain Rod-003

DIY-Curtain-Rod-004 DIY-Curtain-Rod-001

Step five: Clip on your curtains and enjoy!

DIY-Curtain-Rod-005 DIY-Curtain-Rod-006 DIY-Curtain-Rod-008



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