DIY Kindle Case for Pool & Beach



DIY Kindle Case

When the weather is nice I love to sit by pool or in the backyard and read. My Kindle is also great for beach trips because I have all my books on one little device but I worry about getting it sandy.  I also  don’t want it to get splashed or touch it with sunscreen hands.  To protect my Kindle at the pool or beach I put it in a ziplock bag. I decided to make it look nicer and summery by making a case that can be used with or without my waterproofing baggie.
DIY Kindle Case

Materials Needed: 

Colorful notebook or old book: (I used a notebook I found really cheap at Michaels)

Razor Blade

Patterned Paper

Stretchy cording

Mod Podge

Washi Tape

Zip Lock Bag
DIY Kindle Case-2

Step 1: Use a razor blade to cut out the pages of the bookDIY Kindle Case-3

Step 2: Cut down your paper to cover the inside front and back. Use mod podge to glue on the front side. DIY Kindle Case-4 Step 3: Cut the cording that will hold your kindle in place. Glue down the paper with cording underneath. Hold in place for several minutes so that the cording does not pull up.

Step 4: Cover middle with washi tape and coat with mod podge.

Step 5: Let Dry overnight.

DIY Kindle Case-7 DIY Kindle Case-6DIY Kindle Case-9 DIY Kindle Case-10 DIY Kindle Case-11 DIY Kindle Case-12

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