DIY: Kitchen Appliance Makeover


Easy Ways to Makeover your Kitchen Appliences

A few years ago Chris and I had our Kitchen redone with new counter tops and replaced the antique stove. We wanted to change to all black appliances but started with just the stove and microwave, but we were still stuck with our white dishwasher and refrigerator. Here are 2 super easy fixes that allowed us to have all black kitchen appliances without breaking the bank.

The dishwasher was easy… Chris had read some where that older dishwasher come with several color options…. you just have to undo some screws on the door of the dishwasher and the white panel will come out. Guess what… the other side was black. So we just flip it over put the screws back in and done!


Now we only had the refrigerator that was still white. We didn’t want to spend the money to get a new fridge when ours works just fine. So we worked up the courage to paint it.  Chris bought special appliance spray paint for a DIY fix (at a fraction of the cost). He used Rust-oleum Appliance Epoxy, sprayed on several coats and let it dry.  I think it looks like we bought that way. Great Job babe!

Painting a Refidgerator Paint a Refrigerator Black


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