DIY Monthly Onesies for Your Monthly Baby Photo Sessions


DIY Monthly Onesie

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Ali Mae turned 3 months old and I have been having fun with her monthly photo sessions. I DIY her onesie each month with my own temporary decal. One way to make your own monthly decal is to buy sticker or label paper and print your own design. That is actually the easiest way but  you know I try save money whenever I can with my DIY projects and I happen to already have a big roll of Reynolds Freezer Paper. Freezer paper will temporarily iron onto fabric, which is great for stenciling or in this case a temporary decal.

Directions for Printing on Freezer Paper:

Once you have the design you want to print, cut a sheet of freezer paper down to 8.5 by 11 and be sure to print on the dull side (the shiny side is what will stick to your fabric).  I printed as many monthly designs that I could fit on one sheet so they would be ready to go for the upcoming months. Then cut out the design as close to the print as possible. When ironing I just set my iron to cotton and put it straight on the paper. (Note: The first time I tried this I placed the paper under a towel thinking the iron would burn it, but I could not get it to stick that way).  It is also a good idea to stretch the onesie as you iron because the decal will come up a little when you stretch the onesie over baby’s head but stretching as you iron will minimize this.

Here are some of my favorite shots from Ali’s first 3 monthly sessions:

Ali-one-month-002 Ali-one-month-001 Ali-2-Months-001 Ali-Mae-2-Months-Old-002 Ali-July-4,-2014-001 Ali-3-Months-002 Ali-3-Months-006 Ali-3-Months-007

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