DIY Painted Tea Towels


Painted Tea Towels

These Tea Towels were so easy to make with the help of my Silhouette Cameo and some Freezer paper. I used some scrap canvas fabric to cut 2 rectangles, using the raw edge as part of my design. They add some fun decor to the kitchen and inspire me to cook better things :)Painted Tea Towels Directions:

1. Cut Fabric to Desired Size

2. Measure how large you want your painted designs

3. Set up design in Silhouette Studio (The Make Something Awesome can be purchased in the Silhouette Design Store and the Dinner Setting I created, you can download it below for personal use)!

4. Place Freezer paper on mat with the shiny side down.

5. Cut and Weed the designs.

6. Iron the freezer paper stencil onto your towel with shiny side down.

7. Paint.  Optional: I added fabric paint mixer to my paint

8. Let Dry and Enjoy!


Download The Free Silhouette Studio File Here!

Dinner Setting.studio3


Painted Kitchen Decor-6

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