DIY Photo Wine Bottles and Mason Jars


Photo Bottle Vases

I love to use wine bottles and jars in crafts and you know I like to repurpose things. This project is a great way to display photos and/or flowers. I made them for a little extra decor in my booth at a bridal show but they would be great for a mantle or table.

Supplies needed to Create Photo Wine Bottles and Mason Jars:

Hot glue gun
Bottles and jars
Mod podge


Start at the top of your bottle or jar and glue the end of the twine down. Wrap the twine around the bottle gluing every few inches… Make sure to keep the twine tight and close together as you wrap. Wrap until you reach your desired length for your bottle. Then glue your twine starting at the bottom and wrap several times until reach have just enough room for your photo with space above and below. Cover the backside of the photo in mod podge and use at least 3 rubber bands (or ponytail holders) to hold the picture down.


Let dry for several hours (overnight is best) then display as in, in a cluster or as a vase.
Please Share your bottle or mason jar crafts below in the comments!


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