DIY Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover with Ribbon Tag Tutorial


DIY Shopping Cart Cover with Ribbon  DIY Shopping Cart Cover with Ribbon


Ali has been able to sit up on her own for several months now so it was time I got around to making her a universal shopping cart cover and highchair cover. I decided to add some extra flair and make her a row of ribbon tags to play with. Also to save on fabric I wanted to use some left over minky fabric I had on hand but didn’t have enough so I combined it with a dark pattern. I choose dark since she will be eating in this often and stains wont show so much. I had enough minky fabric to have a 20″ wide section across so I factored that into my design.  You just need to end up with 2- 45″x45″ squares.


Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover with Play Ribbons Tutorial

Materials Needed:

-a total of 2.5 yards of 45 in wide fabric

-2 yards of elastic

-matching thread

1. Cut one square to  45″ x 45″ This will be the bottom layer.

2.  For the Top Layer cut a 5″ x 45″ Strip, a 20″ x 45″ piece, and cut a 20″ x 45″ of piece of a different fabric (This was my pink minky that I had on had). Use the illustration below as a guide.


3. Cut 5 – 6 inch strips of ribbon that will rest along the cart handle. I attached the ribbon to the top of my middle piece of fabric (above the leg wholes). The next set of pictures shows how to sew on the ribbons by sandwiching them in between the right sides of  the smallest strip and the middle section. The ends of the ribbons should line up with the ends of the fabric.


5.  Sew the bottom section onto the top layer, finishing out the 45″x45″ square.

6. Place the two layers with right sides facing inward and used a bowl to round the corners.


7. Straight stitch about the edge and then finishe it off with a zigzag to keep the edges from fraying.


8.  Cut and 12″ x 5″ rectangle for the legs. The rectangle should start 14″ from the top edge (refer back  to the blue illustration above).


9. Turn the cart cover right side out through the leg whole.

10. Sew around the cover again 1″ from your first seam leaving a 2 inch gap so you can insert the elastic.

11. Attache a large safety pin to the end of your elastic and work is through the casing you have just sewn. Once you get it all the way around be sure to gather the fabric a good bit so it will be stretchy.  Stretch the elastic and sew together where the ends overlap. Then close you gap.Shopping cart cover

12. Now back to the leg whole… use a piece of the fabric you cut out for the leg whole divider, sew it into a tube then pin in place. Fold under the edges of the leg whole and top stitch all the way around.

DIY Shopping Cart Cover

Now your baby can ride in a shopping cart or sit in a restaurant high chair without so many gross germs.

photo-1 photo-3

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