Tuesday Tutorial: DIY Tassel Garland



In today’s Tuesday Tutorial I am showing you how to add a garland to a foam board DIY backdrop that we made a few weeks ago. These are great to add some fun decoration to photo / video backdrops or party decor. If you are more of a visual learner you can view my Youtube video below! Garland

Materials Needed for Tassel Garland:

-fabric, tissue paper or plastic table cloth in coordinating colors
-Sting or twine
-washi tape


Step 1 : Cut your material into rectangles 4-6 inches wide and double your desired length

Step 2: Fold a rectangle in half and make fringe cuts. Be sure not to cut all the way.  Garland-4


Step 3: Unfold your rectangle and twist the center. Loop it around the string and tape. You will want to wrap the tape around a few times. Garland-6



Have you ever made a garland or have one in mind? What colors would you use?

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