Easy No Sew Baby Teepee



A No Sew Tee-Pee Tutorial


My sweet baby girl will be one in a little over a week… How did that happen!!!! For her birthday I made her a little teepee that she can play in! I had full intentions of sewing it but Chris (my hubby) gave me a great no-sew idea by suggesting I use velcro. It was so easy to do and I didn’t have to worry about making precise seams and stitches for the teepee poles.  I plan on making some cute little pillows and a DIY soft book for Ali to enjoy in her new play teepee.

Easy No Sew Teepee Tutorial


-4 wooden dowels
-2 yards of rope
-3 yards of fabric (my fabric was on sale at Joann Fabric)
-spray paint
-measuring tape
-Wood glue (optional)

No Sew Tee-Pee
1. Measure and Mark 4.5 inches down each dowel

No Sew Tee-Pee-2
2. Drill a whole where you made each mark
3. Spray Paint the end of each dowel (about 12 inches)

No Sew Tee-Pee-3
3. Thread your rope through each whole

No Sew Tee-Pee-4
4. Lean all four dowel in together making the teepee frame. Play around with how they are placed and overlapped. Once you like the frame start wrapping the rope around and around. Be Sure to keep pulling the rope tight and you might need to keep adjusting the dowel placement if they move.
Optional Step: Once the rope is secure you can squeeze some wood glue in between the dowels. If you are doing this in doors make sure to place something under the teepee for the glue to drip on. Use a wet paper towel to wipe away any glue that is dripping down the dowels.

No Sew Tee-Pee-5

5. Drape the fabric around the teepee and position it how you want it. There may be extra fabric you will cut away later.

No Sew Tee-Pee-6
6. Use adhesive velcro to secure fabric in place. I placed the velcro at the top bottom and middle of the front 2 dowels and the middle and bottom of the back 2 dowels. No Sew Tee-Pee-8 No Sew Tee-Pee-7 No Sew Tee-Pee-9
7. Cut away the excess fabric around the bottom of the teepee

No Sew Tee-Pee-10
8. Cut 2 strips of the scrap fabric and wrap around the top.

No Sew Tee-Pee-11

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