Formerly Know As Creative…



creative by kate danielle is now creative house blog!

Over the past few months there have been lots of changes and things going on …. My family moved, we have a growing baby girl and the blog got a makeover. In this midst of all this excitement post were a little scarce but my creative juices are flowing and the blog is up and running in full force once more!

so why did the blog get a makeover?

Creative by Kate Danielle started as a side project of mine to share all my latest diy projects, mommy tips and tricks and family adventures. It was hosted on a sub-domain of my photography website. As I have been doing more projects and continue to learn so much about being a mom I really see the blog growing and decided it needed its very own home. I thought about the name and structure of the new blog a lot. Since I want to share our creative life and home with you I decided to rename it Creative House.

so whats in store for the blog?

Post will be more often and cover a variety of topics including DIY projects, being a mom, sewing, cooking and reviews of products I love. Since our move I have worked on several diy projects for the new house… I will be sharing my diy extra-long curtain rods, diy blackout curtains, a sewing tutorial of my new pottery barn inspired pillows and so much more. There will be mom tips that I learn along the way as well as reviews on baby products we love. The Creative House Store will be opening this October, there you will find some of my hand crafted decorations. The Creative House Forum will open in 2015, it will be a place for readers to give tips and ask questions about crafts and diy projects. I am very excited about the changes and upcoming post and projects I hope they encourage you to have a creative house too! To learn more about me and the blog visit the about page.

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