Four.Four.Fourteen: I Brought you into this World



Photo by Amy Paulson Photography

One day my sweet girl (way too soon) you might be in a sullen teen stage and I might tell you “Young Lady I brought you in to this world… !” Well my dear just know even though it was a long and painful two days I would do it over and over again for you. This is your amazing birth story…

My labor started sometime between Wednesday and Thursday… I was in the very early stages and had a long way to go. I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep in the past couple of days and I was very emotional and ready to meet you, my baby girl. It wasn’t until 10pm Thursday night that we thought maybe I could get admitted to the hospital (it can actually be kind of hard to get admitted unless your water breaks). Your dad was by my side the entire time, helping me breath and counting contractions as I gripped the bed. Your Nana and Gigi were there too.  The doctor agreed to have me monitored for 2 hours before sending me home… and gave me a shot of pain medicine to take the edge off of the contractions. As the 2 hours passed I said, “if they send me home I will cry.” When the nurse came in we discovered I had a high leak in my water sack… which was my ticket to stay at the hospital! Thank Goodness! Bring on the epidural! I had been nervous about getting the epidural but knew I wanted it. It wasn’t bad… I got a numbing shot first so I couldn’t feel a thing. The hardest part is sitting still during a contraction. The epidural was great until it started wearing off…and slowing down my contractions.  The Doctor tried inducing but I just wasn’t progressing. Sometime Friday, around 1:oo pm the Doctor told me that she would have to do a c-section… “Okay,” I said. Normally I would be terrified in situations like this but I was so ready to bring you into this world (and in quite a bit of pain) that I was calm and ready. Finally about 3:30pm your dad and I were in the OR while all of your amazing Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and our girls waited anxiously to meet you. Your dad held my hand, I heard a Dr. say, “Oh my what a big head” and at 3:46 pm on 4/4/14 (almost 16 hours later) you were here…all 8lbs 2 oz and 21 inches of you. I heard you cry… letting me know you were okay. Your daddy went to be with you right away, then we all took our very first picture. 2014-05-16-00.54.32 Welcome to the world Ali, I love you very much.


Your Mom

After we were home for a few days we had a wonderful photography session with the fabulous Amy Paulson! I am so in love with the photos of Ali. 1276_AliHardinNewborn_amyp-copy 1159_AliHardinNewborn_amyp-copy 1189_AliHardinNewborn_amyp-copy

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