Friday Favorites Link Up: Netflix TV Shows


Friday Favorites Link Up

It is time again to share my favorites. I am happy to be over my cold and share a better favorites list this week. If you have a favorites post this week please link up below.


10 Favorite Netflix TV Shows

1. Heartland: Based on a ranch on Canada, is a teen girl dealing with the loss of her mom and working with her older sister and grandfather to keep the ranch going. There are highs and lows and of course some romance.  I am expecting the latest season to be added soon.

2. Parenthood: This is one of my all time favorite shows. The Braverman family deals with different parenting challenges, family, love and loss. It is a wonderful show but you will sometimes need a box of tissues.

3. Gilmore Girls: I have been re-watching Gilmore Girls. It is even better to watch as a mom. I admire the character of Lorelai so much.

4. Breaking Bad: A drama about drugs is not my usual type of show but my husband started watching this and I too was sucked in.

5. How I met Your Mother: I did not get into this show for a long time but after hearing a friend talk about it I watched a few episodes. That is all it took and I was hooked. This show is so funny.

7. Gossip Girl: I was a big fan of this show when it aired but I re-watch an episode from time to time.  I just love me a teen drama show that is so unlike real like. This kind of TV is my guilty pleasure!

8. Drop Dead Diva: This is a good show to binge on when you are sick or have a lazy weekend. It is about a model who dies but gets a second chance at life in a lawyers body working with her former self’s fiancé.

9. One Tree Hill: I watched the high school seasons of this show when I was younger and I was so glad to watch the later years on Netflix. My hubby even really liked watching it with me.

10. FRIENDS!!!: I am so excited that Friends was finally added to Netflix. I love to watch this show in bed. I can watch this show over and over.


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