Friday Favorites Topic Generator Link Up


Friday Favorites Link Up

I have really been working hard on amping up my blog and I have many exciting things coming up. One that I am super pumped to share is my new weekly Friday Favorites post and link up. Each post will be centered around a topic using my bright and shiny new Friday Favorites Topic Generator! What is even more awesome is You can use it too and link up here on Fridays.

Friday Favorites Topic Generator

The topic generator is a cool tool that gives you a random topic to center your favorites post around. For example it may say quotes or movies and you can blog about  your favorite quotes or movies. Then you can come here and link up your post. If you don’t like the topic that comes up just refresh the page. Give it a try now! There is only about 20 topics right now but I will be adding new ones all week!

Next week will be the first official link up and I hope you join me.  Be sure to use the hashtag #FFLinkup and grab a cute button.





Friday Favorites Link Up Party FAQ

So how will thing link up thing work?

If you have a favorites blog you can come here and share it! Then you can discover other bloggers and some of their favorite things. The following Friday I will highlight some of my favorite post.

Does my favorites post have to be on Friday?

Nope. If you blog it earlier in the week thats cool, I would love to read it!

Do I have to use the Friday Favorites Topic Generator?

It would be awesome if you did. It is fun and challenging to blog a list of your favorite things based off a random topic! There is also a hashtag to go along with it!


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