Full of Conversation Centerpiece: Made with my Silhouette


Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo

Sometimes when I’m in thrift stores things just jump out at me… buy me…think of all the creative possibilities I have. That happen when I saw these vintage West Bend Canisters and again when I spotted this large metal tray. before

So the idea came to me to spice them up using some vinyl, cut with my silhouette cameo. I wanted to create a fun centerpiece that will inspire conversation around our new dinner table that we will get soon.

First I had to show them some love and care with spray paint. I used paint stripper on the canisters to remove the chipping black on the lids and the decals. The tray I just sprayed as is. While they dried I set up my design in my Silhouette Program. Ever since I got my Silhouette I have wanted to do something with a world map so I chose that for my tray and french words for my canisters.

Here are some Tips about setting up your design and working with vinyl:

  • • Set your design page measurements in Silhouette Studio. For example I measured a little less than half way around the canisters and the height without the lid and input the numbers into the page size. Now I have a design space that is proportional to how big the cut out should be.
  • • Always check your blade before you start a new project! Little bits of paper or vinyl can get stuck to the blade and ruin your cut. The little cap covering the blade twist off so you can clean it.
  • • Remember  the smaller and more detailed your design is, means having to be extra patient when weeding your design. I had to be extra patient with some of the fonts I chose and even had to recut a few words.
  • • When weeding large sections go slow and cut away scraps as you go. This will help it not re-stick as you pull up more and more. This was helpful to do as I weeded the thin lines out of my map.
  • • Use the grid on the transfer paper to cut it straight and center it over your design. knowing your design it lined up        with the straight edge of the transfer paper will help you apply it centered and level.
  • • The Silhouette scraper is your friend! Once the design is down (with the transfer paper still on) drag the scrapper with some presser across the entire design. Dragging it instead of scraping will help you not to gouge anything.
  • • When you pull up the transfer paper, again go slow, and pull the paper flat against the surface. Use your finger, silhouette or another tool to help keep down any piece of vinyl that starts to come up.

Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-4The canisters are where I am keeping all the fun things hidden. The large canister says “It is time to drink champagne and dance on the table” and it holds some of our favorite Instagram pictures to look back on. The quote is a funny reminder to have fun. The  small canister says “great conversation”  and holds these cute conversation cards that I made using the Silhouette PixScan technology. Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-5 Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-2 Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-7 Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-6 Full Of Conversation Centerpiece made with Silhouette Cameo-8

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