Getting Ready for Baby: Organizing with Baskets


As Chris and I get ready for Baby Ali, we have been picking up tips from others. While visiting my new nephew in Florida I thought it was a great idea that my sister-in-law has baskets with baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, lotion, etc. hidden around the living room. My favorite were her baskets under the ottoman with everything you need for a quick diaper change. While I do not have as many stairs as they do I am all about connivence… especially since I fully believe I can’t grasp has busy things will be when baby arrives.

Baby Organization with Baskets

When I got home I started searching for a cocktail storage ottoman and I was lucky enough to find a great on craigslist. We have 3 baskets under ours: one has everything for a diaper change, one has baby blankets and a few toys, and one is to store out laptops in. Oh and this is my pretty dog Presley who insisted she be in the photo.

Baby Organization with Baskets

Diaper Change Basket
The baskets make for a quick diaper change right on top of the ottoman with everything being so assessable.

Diaper Basket
This is our bedroom diaper change basket for while Ali first comes home and is sleeping in our room (I’m sure once baby arrives I will figure out other things to put in here too). If you are formula feeding you could also have a basket for that to take to your room at night.
Baby Bath Basket
I am so thankful to have received a wonderful stockpile of bath supplies at my showers. This basket has all the extra soap and lotion and I keep it in my linen closet.

Diaper Hamper
This metal hamper I found at TJ Max. I wanted something by my rocker to set a drink on and it also works great to store extra packs of diapers.

Rocker Side Basket
I love this cute gift I received not only for the wonderful monogramming but also because I love pockets and I know I will fill them up with things that I need close by while rocking baby Ali. Right now it has burp cloths and remotes to Ali’s night light and fan.  I’m sure pacifiers and little toys will find their way in there also.
Bird and Deer Closet Cubes
These adorable Eddie Bauer baskets I got to organize Ali’s closet and hold things such as toys, tiny shoes and other little baby items.

Find more baby organization items below:

Do you have any tips for organizing for baby? Please share below.

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