If these Walls Could Talk… They’d say Goodbye


First Home

On the drive home we excitedly talked about the house that might become our new home but when I lay down at night my mind starts to think about the scariness of such a big change. Then the bittersweetness sets in as I think about the past 5 years in our house. When Chris and I bought out first home it was a very exciting time for us as we were also planning our wedding. I knew that this would not be our forever home but I have loved the 5 years we spent here making this home ours.

We have been talking about selling for a long time and finally put the house on the market when the time seemed right. Even though it is hard to say goodbye I believe things happen for a reason and if it wasn’t meant to be than it wouldn’t have sold in just 3 short weeks to the first couple who looked.  Yes, three short weeks!

I will never forget…

  1.  The way my face lit up when I saw the backyard and dog door in the building outback.
  2. 3 years later we Finally got a dog for that yard!
  3. Coming home from our honeymoon to the decorated door and hallway from my sweet best friends and former roommates.
  4. We painted, and painted, and even barter my photography services for painting services.
    2625084_1 2625084_6
  5. The excitement and craziness of finally redoing the kitchen… I will miss that custom back splash.
    2625084_3 kitchen3
  6. Having “Thankful for our Friends” Thanksgiving and cooking my first Thanksgiving Turkey…. “I have to pull what out of where!
  7. Our First Snow
  8. Chris’ Birthday Fiesta Surprise
  9. Woodworking projects in the back yard.
  10. Competitive games of Just Dance and Wake boarding on the Wii down in the den.
  11. Locking Meg, myself and our 2 dogs out back while Chris was working 2 hours away. Meg crawling through the dog door to retrieve tools from the building and asking sweet neighbors for help. Those dang trick locks.
  12. The building outback that was… the studio, the office, the brew house.
  13. Sitting at the Kitchen table sewing the quilt for the nursery.
  14. Setting up the nursery.
  15. My pregnant winter.
  16. The countless I love you’s
  17. Bringing Ali Home
  18. Our first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  19. Experiencing the first 3 months of parenthood.
  20. Becoming a Family




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