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Guest PostThis post is a guest blog post for Katie at Creative House. As a new blogger and a first time guest blogger I am honored that she asked me to write for her wonderful site.

I wracked my brain trying to decide what to do that would do Katie and Creative House justice, but in the end I felt simple was best so here we go.

I decided to make a Springtime Herb Garden. During my last fiasco with my Topsy-Turvey Easter Planter, I decided this time I would do something right. (For a change.)

11088163_702419579863759_414498817_o11131045_702430176529366_577240478_oOf course those of you who know me know that I love to purchase my crafty items at the dollar store, if possible, so I picked up a few metal buckets, some chain, a few cute little flowers and butterflies and my favorite organic potting soil that they have in 1 lb. bags.

The entire project was so easy. All I had to do was create drain holes and hook them all together, then decorate.


11088920_702428059862911_1111294825_oI started off by using a nail to create holes in the bottom of the buckets and two for a chain loop.

Next, I put some crafting wire through the two middle holes to create the loop. I also made a loop for the top of each handle and put the handle through it.


11103619_702420549863662_417422110_oThe following step was to hang it. I wanted it the right height and length so started by hanging the chain from the top of my porch with a hook. I cut the chain at the desired height that I would want the first bucket. Then I attached the top of the handle on the first bucket to the chain.

After the first one was hung I hooked the chain to the wire loop that I had placed on the bottom of the bucket. I cut the chain at the desired level for the second bucket and attached it.

I continued with the third bucket in the same way and I put the remaining chain at the bottom of the last bucket and buried it in a flower planter to be the base.

After that I filed each bucket with potting soul and added my herbs. That is always the fun part.

Finally, I used twist ties to attach all my little flowers and butterflies up and down the chain and on the bucket handles. That’s it. So simple.


I think it turned out so cute and everyone has had compliments for me. It really brightens up the dingy, dark corner of my porch.

This entire project cost me a grand total of $8, not including the plants. It was fun, easy and can even be done with kids. You can let them plant the herbs before hanging too, that way they don’t have to reach up so high.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY crafty garden. You can check out more of my projects at Free Self Living and see what kind of messes I’ve been making.

I want to thank Katie for this opportunity. I had so much fun. Until next time, happy crafting!









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