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Guest Post by Eliza from Fashion Confession by Eliza

My name is Eliza, I’m journalist, fashion blogger and a part-time model. I’m currently living in Frankfurt-am-Main. My main passion is old-time fashion, cars and 30-s. I’m totally obsessed with American literature of the early 20th century. My favorite writers are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote and Theodore Dreiser.


Today I would like to speak about the new interpretation of Cinderella movie, where a central place occupied by stylish and refined Stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett. All the costumes fit her perfectly, and the character is underlined with strict make-up of 40s.

As long as it will be a renewal trend in make-up soon, I’ve decided to investigate and describe this fine example. As you may have heard before, the make-up artist for this movie was Naomi Donne (who’s working on the new Bond movie right now, by the way). And she has re-thought the Stepmother look and stylized it into a thoughtful and retro-influenced one.

I have to say, that Cate Blanchett brilliantly coped with this role. The whole her look was full of the reimagined Old Hollywood’s vision of the Victorian era, the way 1939’s Gone with the Wind interpreted the look of the Civil War-era South. “They would keep that glamorous 1940s make-up going even though the actresses have got Victorian ringlets and crinolines on,” – commented Naomi Donne. “We also wanted to reflect the feeling of the original animated Cinderella film”. And they did it perfectly! They wanted to echo the cartoon, so for instance, when you look at the wicked Stepmother, she looks quite like Joan Crawford, even though that movie was made much later than her in the 1950s.

The make-up of this particular era was chosen not accidentally. Exactly during this period the whole make-up as well as the total look of women was very strict and concise frameworks of wartime. It’s good to notice, that cosmetics in that period were produced only in the United States, and only in small quantities, so the opportunity to make-up was limited.

Let’s highlight the main accents in this make-up. So we see the face with a smooth, sometimes clarified skintone, straight eyebrows, mascara (which often was replaced by the mixture of ash with Vaseline; the same composition covered also the eyebrows) and, of course, bright red lipstick, with which usually woman created a light blush, or used peachy blush, whenever it was possible.

Today we have tons of the products thanks to the tremendous choice in the cosmetics market. So let’s review some products that help us to recreate this fascinating look nowadays. Follow the steps:

1. The skin tone should be smooth and matte, which does not make the face heavier. In this case you should try to use mousses and light creams: Maybelline Mousse Foundation, MaxFactor Whipped Crème or Revlon Colorstay.

2. Spotlight defects and the area under the eyes can be corrected with the following concealers: MaxFactor Master touch, Lumene Touch of Radiance or NYX Wonderpencil.

3. As for the eyebrows, better to cover it with a natural brown shade using shadows, color pencil or gel for eyebrows: Catrice Eyebrow set, Maybelline MasterShape brow pencil or MakeUp factory brow gel.

4. Upper eyelid eyes need to highlight with light shadows, matte or satin, and as for a crease of eyelid – emphasize it with the natural shade of brown: GOSH Smokey eye palette in brown, Bourjois trio Smokey eyes palette or Maybelline 24 hours color tattoo gel eyeshadows.

5. Eyelashes should be well colored and lush, without lumps. For these purposes use Eva Mosaic Cabaret, Essence Big Lashes, Maybelline Volum’ Express, Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express or Max Factor 2000 calorie dramatic look.

6. Blush should be very natural, you should apply it directly to the cheeks and shade slightly up on the cheeks. Shades can be used as natural, peachy, or you can experiment with a reddish tone lipstick or just use the delicate bronzer: Sleek MakeUp trio blush palette in Fire or GOSH Precious pearls bronzing powder.

7. The final and most important touch is red lips. Today almost every brand has its own perfect shade of scarlet. Favorites are Nouba Millebaci #7, L’Oreal J Lo in Pure Red, Rimmel Kate #1 and Bourjois Rouge velvet #1 Personne ne Rouge and #3 Hot Pepper.

Sure, these tips will help you to create a perfect vintage look, which will be super trendy very soon.

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