Hallway Makeover



Chris and I live in an older spilt level house that we have been slowly making small enhancements on over time. The bottom floor is where my office is, a den, half bath and laundry room. We have painted most of the spaces down there but hallway, bath, laundry room and my office had ugly tile throughout. I call it cafeteria tile because it looks just like a high school cafeteria floor. YUCK! We were looking for an inexpensive way to spruce the floor up a bit when we found peel and stick vinyl flooring planks from Lowe’s that look like wood.

stick on flooring that looks like wood

The flooring is called Style Selections Luxury Vinyl Planks, each plank is 6 inches wide and 48 inches long.  In store we were able to purchase boxes of 20 planks for less than $50 (online it is sold by the plank). One box covers 40 square feet.  I must admit when Chris said he wanted to redo the floors with it I was a bit leery of how it would turn out, but we picked out a color we both like and he went to work. He did the half bath first and it turned out so good we decided to continue on to the hallway. The floor it so easy to put down as you just peel and stick most of it. I pitched in to help finish the areas where we had to make cuts to the planks. We used a box cutter and my quilting grid and and ruler to make precise cuts.  While we prefer to have hardwood on the main floor and bedrooms, we are so pleased with how the vinyl looks that overtime we will redo the entire basement with the vinyl planks.  I think it is a major step up from the “cafeteria tile.”

Looks like wood stick on vinyl floor

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